Directed by Kamila Andini, with Arawinda Kirana (Yuni), Kevin Ardilova (Yoga), Dimas Aditya (Pak Damar)
Institut Français
No. 218, Keo Chea (St. 184)
12 211 Phnom Penh
22.09.2022 – 16:30 ICT

A winner at the 2021 Toronto Film Festival and Indonesia’s nominee for the Best International Film Oscar, Yuni is the third feature film by Indonesian director Kamila Andini. It is a rare example of a film in Southeast Asia directed by a woman.
Yuni is a teenage girl, and she is smart and has big dreams of attending university. When two men she barely knows ask to marry her, she rejects their proposals, sparking gossip based on a myth that a woman who rejects three proposals will never marry. The pressure is building, when a third man asks for her hand, and Yuni must choose between a supposed final chance of marriage and her dream of future happiness.
In Yuni, Kamila Andini continues her impressive run of social dramas with a thought-provoking portrait of a teenage girl facing the prospect of arranged marriage. The role earned Arawinda Kirana the Best Actress award at the Indonesian Film Festival 2021.

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