Meninaputri Wismurti, co-director of Europe on Screen Festival; Orso and Peter Miyakawa, film directors; Kavich Neang, filmmaker – Moderated by Valerio Caruso, Director Cineuropa.org
10:00 CEST – 15:00 WIB

Cinema is a collective endeavour, carried out by a community of talent and of creative and productive energy. People cooperate at different levels to generate bigger and stronger projects. Cinema has the power to make ideas circulate, but only a few movies travel effectively to other countries – and even fewer to other continents. According to a recent report by the European Audio-visual Observatory, only 10% of European films are released outside Europe and very few in Southeast Asian countries. Similarly, Asian films – and specifically those from ASEAN countries – rarely reach European screens or televisions. This roundtable will provide an opportunity to examine the visibility of Asian fictional works in Europe and vice versa. What are the opportunities for the burgeoning filmmaking scene? What are the obstacles it faces in accessing funding or distribution? Is the low level of film circulation a matter of audience taste or market forces? How do directors and film professionals position themselves to promote films abroad? We are going to talk about this with directors and festival curators who work between Europe and Asia.