Various young artists from the ASEAN Region

The ASEAN music scene, like the region itself, is marked by great diversity, inventiveness and originality. It is also a space that is defined by the struggle for artistic independence amid a lack of resources and opportunities for local creatives. Nonetheless, original local voices have persisted, creating music that is rich, complex and resolutely Asian.
While there are myriad genres of original music, both indigenous and globally influenced, the two Spotify playlists curated by ArtsEquator focus on three forms: punk, rock and hip hop. These forms, rooted in questioning and pushing against the status quo, have resonated with successive generations of ASEAN youth, leading to music that is vibrant and cosmopolitan.
These two playlists are not definitive collections – there can be no such thing. Instead, they are collections of songs by young artists – some well-known and some just starting out – whose music speaks to young listeners across the ASEAN region and beyond.