The ASEAN EU Cultural Festival 2022 edition

We are pleased to welcome you to the ASEAN-EU Cultural Festival.
This is the first edition of the festival, and it stands under the sign of youth. It features a new generation of artists sharing their ideas, struggles and hopes. This generation strengthens ties between our two continents and stimulates a fruitful dialogue over a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient society.
In our music programme, jazz musicians from different backgrounds come together to create unexplored soundscapes while revisiting traditional melodies. Rock guitar riffs and rap flows echo the interrogations of art and creation on today’s greatest issues. Cinematic works reflect the hopes of a rising generation dedicated to a world that respects individual and collective rights: the right of women to be emancipated from the authority of men, the right of young people to live in a better world, the right of the handicapped to be integrated into society and the right of migrants to be treated as human beings.
Finally, the exhibition Butterflies count not months but moments, and have enough time brings together the young generation’s artistic perspectives on the idea of nature as a site for environmental and philosophical imagination. The exhibition questions the very notion of sustainability in terms of the circular economy and in relation to cultural belonging.
To celebrate the 45 years of friendship between the European Union and ASEAN, we invite you to a festival that is resolutely in tune with our times. We hope you find it pleasant and enjoyable.

About the Festival

The ASEAN-EU Cultural Festival is a public arts festival that showcases artistic excellence from and collaborations between artists in the European Union (EU) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Through cross-regional exchanges in the cultural field, the festival aims to strengthen people-to-people links and connectivity between Europe and Southeast Asia in line with the EU-ASEAN Strategic Partnership.
The first edition of the festival will take place from 19 to 25 September 2022 to celebrate the 45th anniversary of EU-ASEAN relations. It will be an active appreciation of the regions’ cultures and their close cooperation.
The festival will include performing arts, visual arts and cinema.
The main partner organisation is the EU Delegation to ASEAN, which has been cooperating closely with the ASEAN Secretariat. The festival is supported by the project “Advancing the EU role in multilateral fora in Asia”, which is acting as the general coordinator.
This event is funded by the European Union through the Partnership Instrument.